The introduction of an annual fund will enable us to support organisations that are working to deliver benefits for the community in and around our existing operational sites.

  • £25,000 per year*
  • A cap of £2,000 per application will be in place to ensure we maximise the level of projects funded

A group will be eligible to apply if they are legally-constituted community group, a non-profit organisation, or a registered charity

All applications must meet SSE’s guidelines and values and must not be used for the following:

  • Political or religious purposes
  • For purposes adverse to SSE’s interest
  • To replace statutory funding
  • To support individuals for their personal gain

The fund will be open for applications on a quarterly basis with approximately £6000 available per quarter.

Priority will be given to projects which are to be delivered in close proximity to the site. Our aim is to ensure that we understand each community based on its individual needs.

A funding panel will be in place to ensure consistent and transparent decision making. This group is proposed to consist of

  • One member of the Power Station leadership team
  • One member of the SSE Thermal Community Investment team
  • Three community representatives

A scoring system will be in place, with priority given to applications:

  • In closest proximity to the site
  • That fall into one of the local priority areas, as chosen in consultation with the local community, making each fund unique to the needs of individual communities
  • That could benefit the greatest amount of people

* index linked to CPI, reviewed every 5 years

If you have any questions, comments or feedback, please contact the team on [email protected]