Slough Multifuel

The Slough Heat and Power Plant, located on the Slough Trading Estate in Berkshire, was acquired by SSE in January 2008.

In August 2018, decommissioning and demolition works began to facilitate the development of a new ~50MW energy-from-waste facility, known as Slough Multifuel, at the site.

Part of the existing Slough Heat and Power Plant remains operational and continues to supply energy, water and heat to local customers.

In April 2020, SSE Thermal entered into an agreement with Copenhagen Infrastructure Partners (CIP) to develop the new Slough Multifuel facility as a 50:50 joint venture.

The facility will produce electricity and heat through burning waste-derived fuels made from various sources of municipal solid waste, commercial and industrial waste, and waste wood.

Construction of Slough Multifuel will be undertaken by specialist EPC contractor HZI and will commence in 2021. Construction is expected to take approximately three and a half years.

This project website will be kept updated with key information and progress on the project.

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