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Project Description

SSE Thermal is proposing that the site of our existing power station in Tarbert will provide the location for a new power station which would run on 100% sustainable biofuel, Hydrotreated Vegetable Oil (HVO), with the potential to utilise hydrogen in the future. The proposed development consists of an Open Cycle Gas Turbine (OCGT) plant fuelled by HVO, which is produced by processing waste feedstocks to create a fossil-free alternative to diesel in accordance with EU sustainability standards.

An OCGT plant has been selected for the proposed development as it is able to respond rapidly to changes in electricity demand by starting up quickly and achieving full output within a short period of time.

The proposed Tarbert Next Generation Power Station secured a 10-year capacity agreement in the T-4 Capacity Auction, to commence in 2026/27. Capacity auctions are a key element of the all-island electricity market, designed to deliver reliable electricity supply into the future. We are now applying for planning permission and the new station could be operational by 2026.

The new station will support the security of electrical power supply, the continued expansion of Ireland’s renewable generation capacity and would provide essential support to the electricity supply system at times of peak demand and at times when other electricity generation sources are not sufficient to meet demand.


For any queries in relation to the project please contact our Community Liaison Officer, Jonah Faulkner
- [email protected].