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Statement on UK Energy Security Strategy

12 Apr 2022

"As the UK looks to build a sustainable, secure, and affordable energy future, it’s crucial we’re developing the flexible generation and storage capacity to back up a renewables-led power system.

SSE Thermal welcomes the publication of the new Energy Security Strategy, including the doubling of the target for low-carbon hydrogen, which will play a critical role in decarbonising power generation, heavy industry, transport, and heat. It’s also encouraging to see the Government reaffirm its commitment to carbon capture and storage (CCS) technology, which will directly remove emissions from high-carbon sectors in industrial clusters across the country.

While we look forward to the Track 1, Phase 2 results of the Cluster Sequencing Process in May, we believe a further update is urgently needed on the timeline for Track 2 to underpin the target for four low-carbon clusters by 2030. This is a vital next step to give projects, in the power sector and beyond, the clarity they need to move forward with their decarbonisation plans.

With SSE committed to investing billions of pounds in low-carbon infrastructure in the coming years, and creating thousands of jobs in the process, we’re now looking forward to working with the Government, and all stakeholders, to move from strategy to delivery."

John Johnson Director of Development, SSE Thermal